If you need to tow products and materials through your business’s workspaces, you should consider investing in burden carrier trucks, electric carts, and tow tractors. These utility vehicles can transport your products through narrow spaces smoothly and efficiently. This may be particularly helpful if your business includes warehouse or manufacturing facilities. Here are some specific burden carrier benefits:

They Are Highly Maneuverable

These trucks can maneuver into tight spaces where other larger industrial vehicles will not fit. They have narrow builds, allowing them to fit into small spaces, but they often have large load and tow capacities. For instance, we carry the Taylor Dunn Bigfoot commercial burden carrier. This vehicle is 44 inches wide and 51.5 feet tall, but it has a 3,000-pound load capacity and a 7,500-pound tow capacity. It’s only 4 feet wide and tall, but it has more power to tow heavy objects than its small size might suggest.

They Can Increase Productivity

Because these vehicles are small but strong, they can quickly tow heavy products and heavy amounts of products throughout your workspace. Since they can fit into narrow aisles and around tight corners, they can carry your products to their destinations more quickly than larger vehicles, like traditional forklifts would. Additionally, they can deliver products with little to no damage because they are less likely to run into shelves in a warehouse or other equipment during an outdoor or indoor job. Also, the lower likelihood of an accident will lower your business’s maintenance costs.

They Can Carry More Than Just Products

If you and your colleagues need to travel around a warehouse or a large outdoor jobsite, you should look into purchasing or renting a personnel carrier. This type of vehicle can save you the trouble of walking or driving a larger vehicle around a job site, where you might wander in front of dangerous machinery or damage the large vehicle, which may be hard to maneuver. A personal carrier can ferry all of you around while navigating around the machinery or aisles to keep you out of harm’s way.

Some of these carriers can transport personnel and tow products or materials as needed, such as the Taylor Dunn R-380. It only carries two people at a time, but this type of personnel carrier can be useful if you need to travel with a colleague to another part of the site, while towing heavy-duty materials with you.

They Are Environmentally Friendly

Many burden carriers, stock chasers, and similar vehicles are often electric. This means they run on rechargeable batteries and do not give off any fumes, which is ultimately better for the environment. If you have an outdoor job site, you can use these vehicles to offset or replace combustion engines or lift trucks.

For All Your Burden-Carrier Needs

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