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Before launching promotional activities, it's important to research the competitiveness of the niche, industry leaders and your main competitors.

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With the help of paid advertising in search engines in 5-7 days you can set up ads and start attracting the first targeted visitors.

Social Media Marketing

Businesses have long been immersed in social media. After analyzing your niche and competitors, it will become clear to you whether you should choose this channel.

Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Cash

This is the most famous "alternative version" of bitcoin. It appeared in August 2017 at the same time as the updated BTC.


Unlike BCH and BTG, this is a relatively old currency. It appeared in the times when BTC was faithful to Satoshi's principles in 2008, had no particular problems with speed and was criticized by few people.


Like BTG, this currency appeared in October 2017, so it is too early to judge its success. Unlike the above "bitcoins," BTCZ is not a fork of BTC, but of another currency - Zcash (ZEC).

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Proper ICO promotion
Proper ICO promotion

ICO marketing and PR have a direct impact on attracting investors and successfully raising the necessary funds.

What's important to know about social media
What's important to know about social media

Without quality content, promotion tools are useless.

Free promotion channels
Free promotion channels

The quality of the advertising campaign will directly influence investor interest and support.

Bloggers and Media
Bloggers and Media

The main document on the basis of which the investor decides on the financing of the project is considered to be the WhitePaper.


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We know how to work both on a long distance, when a cryptocurrency or a store needs constant and high-quality marketing support, and on a short distance - when you need to get the maximum number of leads to the project in the minimum amount of time.

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