Forklifts are an essential tool for any warehouse as they contain pallets of heavy items that need to be moved from one location to the other. By default, when you think of a forklift, your mind probably goes to an image of a sit-down forklift. However, if you’ve worked in a warehouse, then you know there are times when a sit-down forklift isn’t suitable for the job. This is because aisles in warehouses can vary in width, and narrower aisles require a more compact solution. 

In these cases, it’s more appropriate to use a stand-up forklift. As the name suggests, a stand up is a variation of the forklift where the operator is standing instead of sitting. This allows for the vehicle to be smaller and more maneuverable. One type of stand up is the electric order picker, like Hyundai’s newly released 13 BOP-9. 

Hyundai’s New 13 BOP-9 Warehouse Stand Up

The 13 BOP-9 is Hyundai’s newest heavy-duty order picker. This stand-up electric forklift provides enhanced ergonomics that make operating the vehicle a better experience for the driver. Improved safety has also been an emphasis in this latest model, offering a number of important safety features to keep the operator out of harm’s way. Designed with productivity in mind, this order picker is the forklift solution you’ve been looking for.


One of the most important aspects to highlight about this vehicle is the improved performance. There are four features in particular that are noteworthy. This includes the electronic power steering (EPS), auto-centering, height indicator, and anti-rollback system.

  • EPS: Allows for smooth operation to make driving more comfortable and energy efficient.
  • Auto-centering: When the key is inserted, the wheels automatically center themselves to save time.
  • Height Indicator: The height indicator offers 50 presets, so the driver is free to select the desired height on the cluster. The platform will automatically stop once the selected height is reached.
  • Anti-Roll Back: Never worry about your order picker moving backward. This system stops the machine from rolling back while on a slope. The 13 BOP-9 also offers exceptional ramp start capabilities. 


From the advanced 4.3-inch LCD color monitor to the user-friendly controller, the Hyundai 13 BOP-9 was created to maximize convenience. To fully understand how the key convenience features help operators, here’s what you should know:

  • LCD Color Monitor: The monitor provides useful information to the operator, like the speed accelerator level, steer angle, travel direction, battery discharge, and more. In addition, the size of the monitor along with the color makes the information easy to see.
  • Steer Control Handle: This steer handle is newly designed to be ergonomic and minimize blind spots.
  • Controller: The user-friendly controller allows the operator to raise or lower the platform with one hand.


Maximizing ease of service, all major components necessary for operation are accessible through a two-piece door system. The doors swing open 180 degrees, making maintenance simple. 


Safety is always a major concern in any warehouse. This Hyundai electric forklift takes this into account by adding tow bars, rear gates, a non-slip floor mat, and a sturdy overhead guard.

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