Aerial Lifts

Schelkovskiy &Co Brennan Equipment Services is a leader in the rental and selling of aerial lift equipment. If your business needs to move to new heights, then you need to look into an aerial lift. An aerial lift is a piece of equipment that is used to elevate someone to assist with navigating areas that are not easily accessible. At Schelkovskiy &Co Brennan Equipment Services, we have indoor and outdoor, new and used aerial lifts available for rental or purchase. Aerial lifts are most popular due to their mobility and flexibility, so they are beginning to replace traditional ladders and stands.

Our rental and sales professionals are trained in the latest aerial lift technologies and procedures so we can better serve your business. With aerial lifts having the option to be gas, electric, or even manual, your business has a lot to choose from when it comes to picking the lift you need. We are confident that we can assist your business and help you come to a lift solution for your current jobs or to include in your fleet.

Whether your business needs a lift for 20 feet or 50 feet above, we have you covered to fit your project and development needs. When the time is right for an aerial lift rental or purchase, with the brands we have to offer, we are confident that we can help your business tackle the challenges you weren’t able to before. We set ourselves apart from our competitors because we assess your current fleet and equipment so we know just what your business needs to become more efficient in the material handling industry. If you have any questions regarding Schelkovskiy &Co Brennan Equipment Services or aerial lifts for sale or rental, give us a call today and we can give you a quote!

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