Fleet Management

Brennan Fleet Management Services deliver custom-built forklift fleet management programs that are personalized for a fleet of any budget. This provides your company with complete control and flexibility. Schelkovskiy &Co Brennan Equipment Services focuses on your fleet so you can focus on your business. At Schelkovskiy &Co Brennan Equipment Services, our two main goals for our Fleet Management Service are to optimize your fleet and minimize cost.

Did you know that most companies are unsure of their total material handling costs? This cost is necessary to know because only 20% of a forklift’s cost over its lifetime is actually associated with purchasing. Schelkovskiy &Co Brennan Equipment Services has found that the bulk of spending actually comes later in damage, repairs, and training.

At Brennan, we use a procedure called the 5R process to look deeper into your company’s application. This 5R process consists of Retain, Repair, Replace, Retire, and Redeploy. After this method, our team then redefines your fleet by four segments consisting of Core, Flex, Standby, and Short-Term Rental. When we have a complete understanding of your business, we will then be able to “right size” your fleet population by developing a strategy that fits your company’s needs. Whether you need our Turnkey Integrated Solution, short-term rental or something in between, we are confident we will be able to develop a plan that will result in the lowest cost per hour for your business. After this plan is developed, Brennan will be with your company every step of the way providing ongoing direction and support for your company.

Enterprise fleet management is the process of managing commercial motor vehicles and other transportation machinery. This is a procedure that often branches off of the foundation of a company’s logistics and supply chain operation. During the fleet management process, a manager performs a very important series of vehicle tracking and compliance reporting tasks. It’s a comprehensive and timely process to pull off, but it is extremely vital. When successfully executed, a fleet management procedure can save your operation a lot of money on fixed and variable costs.

In order to ensure compliance with your vehicle fleet, you’ll need to follow a very important action protocol, which includes these important steps:

Vehicle Inspection:

Each vehicle within the fleet goes through a series of safety and emissions inspection tests. During this step, a technician will assess the brakes, motor, headlights, tail lights, and all other components of the vehicle. This ensures that the vehicle is in a safe condition to operate.

Registration and Renewal:

Fleet managers will have access to all registration information. If plate numbers or insurance coverage is about to expire, they will make sure that all renewals get processed ahead of time. All fleet vehicles will have the appropriate state registration certificates.

GPS Tracking:

It’s always important to know exactly where the vehicles are at all times. An important function on the fleet management software is the GPS application. Each vehicle comes equipped with a GPS system to help the drivers successfully get from point A to point B. Fleet managers are able to tap into the system to see where drivers are as they are making the trip.  

Asset Tracking:

This is a critical part of the fleet management process. Asset tracking is when a fleet manager monitors the inventory and packaging that is to be transported. This ensures that all of the products are conditioned and secured in the right environment.

Accident and Damage Reports:

No one is perfect. Even professional CDL drivers get in accidents from time to time. If a company’s driver is involved in an accident during a trip, it’s important to report the claim immediately. A fleet manager will speak with the insurance provider, assess the damages, and schedule any necessary repairs.

Fuel Management:

Drivers will spend a lot of time on the road. Driving from state to state will put a lot of miles on the vehicle and will burn through a ton of fuel in the process. When putting together a fleet management plan, you will need to incorporate designated pit stops in order for the driver to put gas into the tank.

Service and Repair:

Commercial vehicles endure a lot of wear and tear over time. As part of the fleet management protocol, technicians repair any damages on the vehicles during trip preparation. This keeps the entire fleet of vehicles in tiptop shape.

Dispatching and Fulfillment:

This is one of the final phases of the vehicle management procedure. Once a vehicle is compliant with all policies and procedures, a fleet manager will grant commercial drivers the green light to make their trip. This ensures that the goods are successfully delivered to the proper endpoint.

At Schelkovskiy &Co Brennan Equipment Services, we understand how imperative it is that your fleet is working at the highest level of efficiency, while accomplishing the most minimal expense every hour. Our team can help your business optimize your original investment by minimizing your total cost. We are confident that we will find the correct rental, lease, or ownership to meet your economic requirements.

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