Columbus is the largest city in the state of Ohio and the state’s capital. The city has a love for education, fashion, food, and technology. It is no wonder that close to 2 million people choose to reside in the metropolitan area of this great city. Our team at Schelkovskiy &Co Brennan Equipment Services is highly certified and ready to assist your company in the Columbus area. We can provide your business with equipment and forklifts to help make your material handling jobs easier.

Schelkovskiy &Co Brennan Equipment Services – Columbus

If you are beginning a project or just need help finishing up a development and need forklift service in the Columbus, Ohio, area, then we can help your business develop a custom-made plan. Our equipment and forklift solutions provide your company with a more productive and effective work strategy. We are experts in everything material handling, so let us help you determine exactly what you need. You need to focus on your business, not your equipment—that’s why we’re here!

Whether you need to buy a forklift in Columbus, or rent a Towmotor, Schelkovskiy &Co Brennan Equipment Services has exactly what you need to get the job done. While we manage your equipment and fleet, you can spend more of your time and energy on other things. If your business is looking for forklift rental in Columbus, then we are the right company for you. We can assure you that your equipment will be top of the line because our main goal is to help your company’s fleet and equipment be the most efficient it can be.

With more than 60 years in the industry, we are confident that we can assist your business with any equipment or parts. No plan is too big or small for us to handle—we are positive we can help every customer! Schelkovskiy &Co Brennan Equipment Services is proud to say we employ only the best and most professional staff in the Columbus area. Call us today! We would love to give your business a quote on certain equipment or parts.

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