Warehouses rely on forklifts and lift trucks to lift and move the heavy pallets that fill their aisles. While these are great for that purpose, they aren’t always the right solution for the job. There will be times when you’ll need something smaller and more compact that can perform the same job, but get into areas these vehicles can’t reach. If you find yourself in this situation, then you need a pallet jack.

When you need an alternative to forklifts and lift trucks, the humble pallet jack makes the perfect affordable substitution. Commonly used in a variety of warehouses and department stores, these tools make it easy for a single operator to lift a full-size pallet and move it around a warehouse without strain quickly and safely. Hyundai’s 15EP pallet jack is a standout among the rest.

Hyundai’s 15EP Warehouse Pallet Jack

There are three types of pallet jacks: manual, electric, and rider pallet jacks. Hyundai’s 15EP is an electric type that takes most of the legwork out of pedestrian pallet handling. Ideal for both horizontal movements and vehicle loading/unloading, this material handling equipment allows for the kind of precise maneuverability you can’t get with other lifts. Hyundai’s transporter ticks all the boxes when it comes to boosting a warehouse’s operations.

While these pallet jacks are known to be tough, operator comfort was not forgotten. Operators will appreciate the new ergonomic tiller arm, coupled with its comfortable controls. Controlling a pallet jack has never been more effortless.


Control isn’t the only area where the user was kept in mind. Maintenance of electric pallet trucks isn’t always easy, but the 15EP changes that. This jack allows for easy access to critical truck components. As a result, maintenance and fault diagnosis is faster, reducing downtime. Scope of breakdown has also been addressed by using fewer components than previous models for the drive and lift system. Finally, a steel cover protects the battery from impact.


  • Battery voltage: 24
  • Battery capacity AH: 80–210
  • Load capacity KG: 1,500–2,000
  • Load center MM: 600
  • Lift height MM: 115–120
  • Turning radius MM: 1,347–1,450
  • Travel Speed KM/H: 6.0

Key Features 

The 15EP offers a few notable key features, including:

  • Intelligentized regenerative brake system
  • CANbus technology
  • Travel speed control

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