If you’ve worked in a warehouse before, then you know how essential forklifts and lift trucks are to daily processes. It would be extremely difficult to move the countless heavy pallets that typically fill a warehouse without them. However, there are times when you need something a little smaller and more precise to get the job done right. That’s where the pallet jack forklift comes in. 

While it’s easy to write off a pallet jack as a forklift broken down into its most basic form, they are a useful and cost-effective alternative to forklifts and lift trucks. They are also more compact, allowing them to get into areas normal forklifts cannot. Hyundai’s line of pallet jacks, in particular, is well-known for versatility and performance, with the 15EST model being a standout in a crowded field.

An Uncompromising Warehouse Pallet Jack

There are three different types of pallet jacks: manual, electric, and rider pallet jacks. The 15EST is a stand up electric pallet jack that sports the latest alternating current (AC) motor. Compared to its direct current (DC) counterpart, this motor consumes a relatively low amount of energy, which means longer operational time for the same amount of charge.

Other important aspects to point out include excellent traction and ramp performance under heavy loading and unloading. As is true with other Hyundai material handling trucks, the 15EST is virtually maintenance-free. Finally, with limited space to work with, this lift provides the maneuverability to navigate even the most crowded warehouses.

Safety and Productivity 

With so many moving parts and potential dangers in one place, safety is a major concern for warehouse operations. That’s why the key to a successful warehouse is to stay safe while remaining productive. The 15EST emphasizes safety and productivity by offering a slew of helpful features that include:

  • A regenerative brake system: This is a braking system that uses the kinetic energy of the vehicle to restore energy in the battery. It helps to increase overall truck performance.
  • An emergency switch: The emergency switch immediately turns the machine off to protect the operator from a dangerous scenario.
  • Turtle mode switch: The turtle mode switch is a power saver mode that activates once the battery reaches a certain percentage.
  • Proportional travel speed control: This allows you to fully control the speed at which you move the pallet jack.
  • Belly switch: When this switch is hit, the pallet jack will automatically move in reverse.

Key Features

  • Battery voltage: 24
  • Battery capacity AH: 300
  • Load capacity KG: 1,500
  • Load center MM: 600
  • Lift height MM: 3,000
  • Turning radius MM: 1,612
  • Travel Speed KM/H: 6.0

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