Forklifts can help make any construction project much easier. When an industrial worker operates a forklift, they are transporting loads of equipment over fairly long distances. This minimizes the time it takes to move certain materials throughout the job site. For any construction worker, technician, or industrial professional, it’s important to treat these machines with immense amounts of care.

If you want to get the most out of your machines, there are certain accessories that make forklift maintenance a piece of cake. Here are some of the best accessories that optimize forklift work:

Forklift Covers

Construction workers cover forklift systems with a protective layer of care. In order to maintain optimal work order of this machinery, it’s important to keep it covered when it’s not in use. You need a cover that will shield all parts of the system. Whether it’s the exhaust system, pallet truck, or just the operation stand, make sure you have a stable coating in place. Don’t resort to trash bag coverings. Choose a heavy-duty defense shield and start conserving every aspect of your equipment.

These are some of the best types of forklift covers on the market:

● Clear Caps: Clear caps are clear coverings that clamp on to the exterior of each forklift part. It is made of high-impact plastic to protect against rain, dirt, and other inclement conditions. There are several clear caps available per make, model, and part.

● Canopies and Windshield Covers: Canopies are overhead guards that cover the top of the forklift and drape over the windshield. This is an all-in-one shield for the front of the machine. Canopies attach in seconds and are secure on every type of lift.

● Storage Covers: These are fabric shields that cover the entire surface of the lift. This is an anti-moisture covering that can be draped over the machine in just seconds. Just unzip the fabric and adjust to fit the system using the elastic helm.

● Solar Caps: Designed for those bright, hot days, solar caps are the perfect UV protective surface. This tinted vinyl attachment layers over the windshield to block sunlight and protect against rain or debris.

Forklift Attachments

There are many extensions that can make a forklift operator’s job much easier. Certain products require different levels of care. When it comes to transportation, it’s crucial to use the right technique and application each time.

These are some of the best utility attachments for each forklift job:

● Side Shifters: These shifting attachments allow operators to slide the lift left and right. This helps align the lift in the right position so you can get a proper grip on the material that needs to be transported.

● Spreader Bars: If the forklift has limited horizontal carrying capability, a spreader bar can help move and stabilize larger loads. This helps one stabilize a load that is of massive length.

● Hoisting Hooks: This attachment allows your forklift to position loads that are traditionally inaccessible. Hoisting hooks are the perfect solution when you need to lift or lower anything that’s hook-mounted.

● Clamps: When certain loads aren’t transportable by pallets, clamps are your go-to accessory. This extension holds onto large products, both flat or rolled and maintains a stable, damage-free grip.


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