Forklifts aren’t just useful machines—they are essential equipment for every warehouse or storage facility. If one of your forklifts breaks down, it could result in unwanted downtime. No business owner can afford downtime when it comes to something so integral to their operations. One of the best ways to avoid equipment failure is with preventative maintenance

The Importance of Forklift Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance refers to being proactive when adjusting, cleaning, lubricating, repairing, and replacing parts. This type of maintenance is performed on a regular basis in the interest of lowering the likelihood of equipment failure. In addition to improving the service life of your forklift, the lowered risk of downtime provided by preventative maintenance also means better business efficiency. 

Preventative maintenance doesn’t stop at the surface level, however—you’ll also need to think about the internals, specifically the power source. Electric forklift battery maintenance is just as crucial to preventing disruptions as regular maintenance. If you’re interested in keeping your machine in peak condition, here are a few maintenance best practices you should follow.

Check the Tires 

Just like the tires on your car, you need to check the tires on your forklift. Make sure the tires aren’t underinflated or overinflated. Checking the pressure will help prevent potential damage to the machine. You’ll also want to pay attention to any wear on the tread. 

Forklifts are often subject to repetitive motion, which is known to wear out one side faster than the other. A worn out tire is more likely to deflate or spring a leak. Check your tire pressure and overall condition of the tires at least once a week.

Keep It Clean

Cleaning your forklift will keep it looking nice, but that’s not the only reason you’ll want to clean your forklift. Over time, things like dust, dirt, and even combustible material, like lint, will accumulate. This stuff has the potential to catch on fire, clog radiators, and cause other hazards that affect safety. 

Charge the Battery Properly

Before you charge your battery, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends designating a spot specifically for battery charging. It’s also important to make sure that batteries are compatible with the charger you plan on using. 

Sign up for a Maintenance Plan

The most convenient way to properly maintain your forklift is to sign up for a preventative maintenance contract with an experienced equipment company, like Brennan. These technicians will know and follow all preventative best practices to keep your machine running smoothly. When preventative maintenance is taken care of for you, you can focus your attention solely on your operations. 

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