If you’re weighing whether to rent or buy a forklift, or multiple forklifts, you should consider long-term rental options. Renting a forklift will reduce upfront costs and equipment maintenance costs. That will take pressure off your budget and your in-house maintenance team, if your business has one. At Legacy Mechanical, our Turnkey Integrated Solutions (TIS) streamline the rental process to help you experience the benefits of our long-term forklift rental service. These benefits include:

A Simplified Rental Process

Our long-term rental agreements are between Brennan Rental and your company. We don’t use any middlemen or leasing institutions to rent our equipment, so you will deal with us directly. During this rental process, we work with you to adapt to your business’s workflow, adjust or add pieces of equipment, and adapt your agreement’s terms and conditions as needed.

One Fixed Fee Per Month

Instead of dealing with multiple rental fees to cover maintenance and new equipment, our TIS program offers you one fixed fee each month that covers equipment from top forklift manufacturers as well as maintenance. This single fee payment model will reduce maintenance and rental costs. That will let you allocate the parts of your budget you previously spent on operating expenses and maintenance on other areas of your business.

Comprehensive Support

When you partner with us for long-term forklift rentals, we send a fleet manager to monitor your equipment’s performance. As they monitor it, they will send you detailed reports about the status of your fleet. Additionally, we will provide quick technician response and even equipment replacement if necessary. These support services reduce the risk of lift truck breakdowns and other maintenance problems.

Long-Term Forklift Rental Benefits

Even outside of our TIS program, long-term forklift rentals offer significant benefits. Unlike short-term rentals, you can keep the equipment for a long time. However, they have lower upfront costs than with a lift truck purchase. You can also research tax deductions for forklift rentals, which save more money on your bottom line.

Additionally, the rentals’ expected operation hours and conditions are taken into account when the rental agreement is drawn up and rental payments are established. This means you pay for exactly the services you need, without wasting your budget on equipment or services you won’t use. Overall, long-term rentals combine the long-term use benefits of a forklift purchase with the payment model and maintenance benefits of a short-term rental.

Long-Term Forklift Rental Solutions That Fit Your Needs

At Schelkovskiy &Co Brennan Equipment Services, we work to make the forklift process easy for you. We know you have a business to run and that managing your material handling equipment, including your lift trucks, is just one part of that. It shouldn’t become your whole business. That’s why our team of professionals can provide you with the equipment and rental services that will help you get back to running your business. We connect you to lift trucks from brands like Taylor-Dunn, Cascade, and Hyundai. Whether you need just one pallet jack or an entire rental fleet, contact us today.

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