Hyundai Model 15EPML–3,000 lb

Schelkovskiy &Co Brennan Equipment Services strives to provide material handling equipment that makes your day-to-day warehouse operations easier, quicker, and more efficient. We partner with Hyundai Material Handling to ensure you get the best machinery on the market.

What Is the Hyundai Model 15EPML–3,000 lb?

Hyundai Model 15EPML–3,000 lb—also referred to as the Hyundai Lithium-Ion Battery Pallet Jack—is a high-performance, multi-functional electric pallet jack powered by lithium batteries

How Does It Operate? 

Hyundai Model 15EPML–3,000 lb is powered by 48V Li-Ion batteries with a compact 22-lb. Power Pack. It’s equipped with a spring-loaded, multi-functional handle that features an electric drive and lift with manual lowering capabilities.

The 15EPML requires three hours of charging time for a full battery. The working time of this model extends for up to six hours and can prolong a 24-hour work shift if used and maintained appropriately.

How Durable Is It?

This model weighs 320 lbs. with the battery and has a carrying capacity of up to 3,000 lbs. It obtains pull rods with threaded ends to prevent bending and provide easy adjustments. 

This model’s drive wheel, stabilizing casters, and load wheels are fitted with polyurethane for superior load bearing and resistance to abrasions. With a 56/58.8 mm turning radius and unloaded travel speeds of up to 3.1 km/h, your machinery operators have the opportunity to optimize workflow while minimizing the risk of product damage. 

What Is Its Life Expectancy?

Most Hyundai lift and pallet trucks—such as the Hyundai Model 15EPML–3,000 lb—have a life expectancy between 10,000 and 20,000 hours. Like most machinery, the life expectancy depends on how often you use the equipment and what kind of maintenance you perform throughout its lifecycle. 

Ongoing maintenance services are crucial for prolonging your material handling equipment’s lifespan and ensuring the safety of your employees. When you take care of your facility’s machinery, you reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns that can negatively impact warehouse productivity and your company’s bottom line.

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At Brennan, our warehouse machinery maintenance technicians are factory trained—and ProTech certified—so you always receive the best repair service. We always provide a solution-oriented approach for our customers in less than 24 hours. 

Optimize Warehouse Operations With Brennan and Hyundai

Brennan is proud to partner with Hyundai Material Handling. Hyundai has been a leading global construction services provider for 30 years, providing material handling equipment that is economical and ergonomic and that offers outstanding performance. 

Brennan supplies a variety of Hyundai products because we are confident that their equipment will ensure a more efficient and productive worksite for our customers. Get in touch with us today to implement the Hyundai Model 15EPML–3,000 lb into your warehouse operations!

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