The warehouse stand up 15, 18, 20, 23BRP-9 is Hyundai’s newest line of 9-series battery forklift trucks. This electric reach truck forklift improves upon previous models by emphasizing performance, ergonomics, ease of maintenance, and safety. Not only is it made to increase the operator’s productivity, but by enhancing the driving experience, it’s also designed to be more comfortable than ever. 

The Benefits of a Warehouse Stand Up Forklift 

As you may know, stand up forklifts, like the Hyundai electric forklift, are created for situations where the operator is expected to get on and off frequently. These types of forklifts are often more maneuverable and compact than typical sit-down forklifts. Their design provides a few notable benefits, including:

  • Navigation: Given their slender size, these vehicles can navigate narrower aisles than sit-down forklifts.
  • Smaller: Stand up forklift units are six inches shorter than sit-down units, which saves valuable space.
  • Time: Since there is no or need to set the parking brake, they can save valuable time.
  • Visibility: The sideways positioning of the driver’s area gives the operator greater visibility.

Hyundai Battery Forklift Performance

One of the most important highlights of Hyundai’s reach truck is its improved performance. The developers of this vehicle have managed to minimize the turning radius, making it even more suitable for narrow aisle operation than before. The forklift also uses an enclosed Zapi AC drive and pump motor that combines powerful, high-maintenance intervals and excellent durability. Finally, it boasts gradeability (a vehicle’s ability to climb slopes) that ranges from 13%-18% with a max speed of 8 miles per hour.


From the advanced 3.5 LCD monitor to the ergonomic steer and hydraulic control levers, the Hyundai 15, 18, 20, 23BRP-9 was created with the operator in mind. Its user-friendly design makes the forklift simple to control while simultaneously presenting the information you need like:

  • Speed Level 
  • Accelerator level
  • Steer Angle
  • Travel Direction
  • Battery Level
  • Elapsed Time


It’s clear that quick maintenance was a priority in the making of Hyundai’s electric forklift. To maximize ease of service the battery compartment is located on the side, making removal and replacement nearly effortless. Not to mention, the centralized fuse box allows for trouble-free inspection.


When working in a warehouse, safety is a top priority. The Hyundai 15, 18, 20, 23BRP-9 takes this into account by optimizing visibility for the driver, providing a non-slip floor mat, and coming equipped with a sturdy overhead guard.

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