Since its founding in 1991, Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas has been a leader in commercial heavy construction equipment. Boasting a large product line of industrial materials handling equipment, Hyundai equipment is able to accommodate the needs of virtually any project. With the industry reputation of the parent company Hyundai Heavy Industries, which has been a global leader across multiple industry sectors since 1972, Hyundai Construction Equipment has been able to develop innovative and reliable products.

Setting out to provide the highest quality products while remaining cost-effective to its customers, Hyundai has become a leader in the industry. However, the Hyundai name isn’t what entices customers looking to buy heavy equipment, it’s the industry-leading standard warranties, the wide product line with multiple options to fit any need, the power that drives the equipment, and the convenience of operating the equipment.

  • Power Hyundai forklifts are powered by three different types of motors, diesel, electric, and liquid propane. Each of these motors has unique characteristics when it comes to power; they are designed to fit the needs of any job.
    • Diesel – Diesel has long been known for its power and countless industrial applications. Hyundai Diesel Forklifts utilize extremely powerful Tier 4 diesel engines, ensuring incomparable performance and durability while maintaining excellent fuel efficiency. The powerful engines provide greater acceleration, improved gradeability, and faster travel speed, even in the roughest or steepest terrain. Hyundai Diesel Forklifts are best suited for industrial applications involving construction projects and rough terrain.
    • Electric – Electric motors are extremely reliable and efficient. In fact, 67% of all new forklift sales are battery powered. Hyundai Electric Forklifts are battery operated, eliminating the need to add fuel. The enclosed electric motor combines power and durability, while the transmission ensures that the power is distributed in whichever direction the operator needs. Like the diesel-powered forklifts, electric forklifts have excellent gradeability as well as an anti-rollback technology to eliminate any issues with terrain.
    • Liquid Propane (LP) – Hyundai Liquid Propane Forklifts are equipped with a high power engine and a state-of-the-art hydraulic system. The LP Forklifts are extremely efficient and reliable utilizing a powerful LPG engine capable of tackling any project. LP Forklifts boast the best gradeability of any Hyundai forklifts, operating efficiently at nearly 42-degree inclines. Hyundai’s line of Liquid Propane Forklifts is extremely powerful and rugged, operating in the toughest of terrains.
  • Convenience – Hyundai Forklifts are designed to be extremely user-friendly. Features promoting operator comfort are standard on all models and include large operator compartments, adjustable seats and steering wheels, a supportive and comfortable seat, operator displays. More elaborate models include upgrades to the display using LCD monitors, a compact turning radius with hydrostatic power steering, and load indicator systems to ensure load is secure and within weight limits. Hyundai has gone to great lengths to allow operators to have full control of their equipment, utilizing ergonomically designed finger controls that are easy to reach. Consistently adding to the convenience of their product line, Hyundai has been able to remain a leader in the industry.

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