Simply put, you need a lot out of your forklifts. Advanced features that make your operations easier and drive productivity. Safety features that protect your operators and the operations as a whole. Performance, reliability, and simple servicing. These are just a few features included with the new LC-9 series Hyundai forklift, available for purchase at Schelkovskiy &Co Brennan Equipment Services. In this article, we’ll introduce the latest line of forklift technology, the benefits of the LC-9 series, additional features, and a little bit about Schelkovskiy &Co Brennan Equipment Services. Here’s everything you need to know:

Getting To Know the LC-9 Series Hyundai Forklift

Hyundai has taken its proven design to the next level with the LC-9 Series forklifts, adding exclusive features and worthwhile improvements for all your facility needs. Available at Schelkovskiy &Co Brennan Equipment Services, all these features are available to your team, starting with:

The New All-Hyundai Exclusive Powertrain

Hyundai’s timeless and proven HMC L4KB engine, combined with an advanced fuel system, delivers industry-leading forklift fuel efficiency and maximum engine performance and power. The exclusive powertrain includes low noise, low vibration, quality torque, a low idle setting for user comfort, and easy service accessibility with a compact engine size.

Main Control Unit

Hyundai’s new LC-9 Series forklift is equipped with an improved LCD cluster integrating the main control unit with an operator presence sensing system. Forklift operators now have greater control and ready access to the system. The LED cluster technology integrates the following critical operating functions:
  • Auto parking brake
  • Operator presence sensing system
  • Direction change shock relief
  • Performance-related operations like auto tilt, hi-mate, seat belt interlock, and a low fuel alarm
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Benefits of the LC-9 Series Hyundai Forklift

At Schelkovskiy &Co Brennan Equipment Services, we are an official Hyundai dealer supplied with the latest LC-9 Series forklifts. Below, we’ll walk through a few of the benefits of the operator-friendly model.

Seat Belt Interlock (Optional)

Never worry about the safety of your operators again. The LC-9 Series is designed for a seat belt to be buckled to start the engine. If the seat belt becomes unbuckled at any point throughout operation, the auto parking feature will lock the system in just two seconds.

Load Weight Indicator

Load weight prompts both visible and audible warnings when operating. The LC-9 series utilizes the LCD cluster to show if the capacity is exceeded.

Hi-Mate Connectivity

With the LC-9 Series forklift, operators are provided with the remote management system in the industry. Hi-Mate Connectivity technology allows an operator to deliver communication more effectively, provides greater control, and can track, monitor, and maintain the vehicle simultaneously.

Additional Attachments

  • Improved stability and smaller turning radius for superior maneuverability
  • An anti-rollback system to prevent slipping starting on a slope
  • Increased entrance width and a lower first step for safe and easy operator access
  • Low system maintenance, high-performance wet disc brakes

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